November Ajoka Performances End

Ajoka Performances finally ended for the month of November after enthralling the audience for 1 month.

A total of 4 plays were performed namely Kon Hay Yeh Gustakh, Bullah, Lo Phir Basant Aye and Intizar. They were performed on several different occasions. Some were held in Islamabad while some were held in Lahore. They were performed over the month of November.

All plays kept the audience glued to their seats. They were based on different social issues and topics.

Kon Hay Yeh Gustakh was held in Islamabad. It depicted the life of Manto when he migrated from Bombay to Lahore in 1949. It showed how he dealt with those who opposed his straightforwardness and bluntness and under which situations he was inspired to write.

Bullah was performed in Islamabad as well in Lahore. It was about the life of Bulleh Shah. Various issues were touched upon during the play including the Mughal era, Hindu-Muslim relations, philosophy and spirituality etc. The topic coupled with brilliant acting produced a standing ovation for the cast and organizing team at the end. It was written by Shahid Nadeem and directed by Madeeha Gauhar.

Lo Phir Basant Aye touched upon the topic of kite banning and several other social issues. 

Intezar’s subject was the law of death penalty and the flawed judicial system.

Ajoka was set up in 1984. It was lead by and still is my Madeeha Gauhar, who is an actress as well as a playwright.

Ajoka occasionally performs on various topics particularly related to social issues.


Note: Source of all pics is Facebook page of Ajoka Theatre