Kardashians upcoming show on Hulu: What you need to know

Since Keeping Up With the Kardashians (KUWTK) has concluded after 14 years in the spring of 2021, there have been speculations about whether the Kardashians will return to the screen or bid adieu forever. As soon as KUTWK ended, Kim Kardashian announced on her Twitter (April 2021) that her new show would be coming on Hulu after the culmination of the final season.

The speculations of not appearing on-screen ended when Kim posted a photo on her Instagram story titled ‘Day 1’, hinting at the possible recording of the show on Hulu.

kim kardashian filming new reality show

Being one of the most followed celebrities on the internet, there was no chance that the Kardashians would call it quits after just twenty seasons. Their penchant to stay in the limelight does not coincide with the act of not appearing on television screens again. Moreover, staying in the news is good for their brands and image.

So, to cut the story short, they are coming back for a reality show on Hulu. They have signed a multi-year deal with Hulu to produce content and it is rumored that the reality show will go live later this year. However, there is still some air of mystery as the exact dates are unknown. Speculations about the Kardashians continue, albeit on a different topic.

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The reality show on Hulu is said to have offered them better contracts than E!. Also, the viewers would not have to wait for months for unraveling of the Kardashians’ viewpoints regarding public events, as was the case with KUWTK.

Filming started just on the onset of fall 2021 and according to Kim, they hoped to air it in fall as well. The catch, however, the year of fall was not mentioned. It could be 2021, could be a year later. No one knows.

Kim Kardashian
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The whole family has been tight-lipped about the nitty-gritty of the show. Kim’s mother Kris Jenner while giving an interview a few months back, just mentioned that filming would start soon and that the family was desperate to do something better this time. However, one thing is obvious that they intend to work with Hulu for a lengthier period of time. When asked where did they see the family in 10 years, Kris responded that they would be on Hulu and would be progressing. She further said that it would be a treat for the fans to watch the new show.

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As far as people close to the family are concerned, they will be by their side too hopefully. During an interview last month, Kim responded that she was not sure whether Travis, Kourtney’s boyfriend would be filming with them but hoped that he would as he had now become a big part of Kourtney’s life.

Kim in Red - Keeping Up with the Kardashians
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Since the ending of the season KUWTK and the start of the filming of the new show, there was a six-month gap, which was the longest gap without filming since KUWTK had begun. The Kardashians too miss their on-screen chemistry and will make all-out efforts to stay together on-screen and keep on producing something better. Let us hope, they keep up with the fans’ expectations later this year.