Most popular Tik Tokers of Pakistan

TikTok took the world by storm in recent years. Pakistanis did not lag behind and were quick to create accounts and upload their videos on TikTok. Some of them have become really popular. We list down some of the most popular Pakistani TikTokers by the number of followers.

9. Pinky Francis (@Pinkyfrancis) – 2.8 m followers


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Pinky Francis was born in Karachi but lives in Dubai. She has been making videos for the past couple of years or so. Her eyes are the most unique and compelling features. With followers amounting to 2.8 m, she ranks at the 9th number.

8. Ali Fayyaz (@aalleey) – 3.7m followers

With 3.7 million followers and and around 125 million likes on his TikTok videos, Ali Fayaz ranks at number 8.

7. Tauqeer Ahmed (@Phoollu) – 4.2m followers

Tauqeer Ahmed rose to fame due to his simplistic style in the videos. His videos gave the viewers the chance to get a feel of the rural life too. He has 4.2 million followers.

6. Sehar Hayat – 4.9m followers

Sehar Hayat’s followers are increasing at a very quick pace. Not only TikTok, but she is also quite popular on Instagram.

5. Alishba Anjum (@alishbahanjum) – 5.1m followers

Alishba Anjum belongs to Faisalabad. She is related to another TikToker Jannat Mirza. She is one of the 5 Pakistani TikTokers who currently has more than 5 million followers.

4. Areeka Haq (@areeka__haq) – 5.2m followers

Areeka Haq is the 21st century TikToker (born in 2003). She is not only popular on TikTok but is also present on almost all social media platforms ranging from Facebook and Instagram to Pinterest and Youtube.

3. Usman Nasim (usmannasim66) – 5.7m followers

If you are feeling sad, head over to his profile and watch his funny videos. He stands at number 3 with 5.7 million followers and still growing.

2. Zulqarnain Sikandar (ch.zulqarnain25) – 6.1m followers

Zulqarnain is the second most popular Pakistani TikToker. His videos are creative and are related to multiple genres and realms.

1. Jannat Mirza (jannatmirza)- 6.9m followers

And the most popular TikToker in Pakistan is none other than Jannat Mirza. The count of her followers is racing towards 7 million rapidly. She belongs to Faisalabad and has studied fashion and designing. It is said that she was offered a role in a Bollywood film but she refused. She also plans to do CSS in the future. We wish her best of luck in whatever she decides to do.