Movie Review- Miracle in Cell No 7

Miracle in cell No 7 is a Turkish movie and it is a remake of a South Korean comedy-drama movie with few changes in story and characters. This is an emotional and beautiful movie that revolves around the relationship and the emotional bond of a mentally ill father and daughter. The father (Memo) is suffering from autism disorder and lives with his young daughter (Ova) and her mother on a hillside. He sells apple candy in the market to earn bread. He loves his daughter a lot. Ova wants a Heidi backpack that she sees in the shop. Memo wants to buy that backpack for Ova, but he can not afford it. So, the next day he goes to the shop to buy the backpack, but another girl Seda has already bought the backpack.  The girl is the daughter of a high-ranking government official. After few days, Seda runs into Memo and starts teasing him about the backpack. She leads him to a cliff where Memo stops her as she is on the edge. Suddenly she slips and her head hits the rock and she falls into the water. Memo runs towards her and jumps into the water to save her, but she is dead. His world turns upside down when he was charged with the false murder of Seda who died due to an accident. The girl’s father instantly files an FIR against Memo and the police arrest Memo and imprison him. Police physically abuse Memo and force him to sign the confession paper. Memo is ordered to be hanged till death by the court. He is not allowed to meet his family.

Ova and his father named a rock One eye giant. The last time when he saw Ova he shouted, “one eye giant saw it” which refers that there was someone who saw the whole incident. Ova went towards that rock, there she met a police officer who made his hideout on the rock. Ova discovered that the officer had eye-witnessed all the incidents. She quickly went back to her home to tell her grandmother. When she returned, the officer was gone. Ova became upset.

Memo was facing many difficulties in prison.  Other imprisoners considered Memo as a child killer, so they were constantly abusing Memo. The police ordered the prisoners not to touch Memo again. With time, the prisoners realized that Memo is mentally disabled, and he is an innocent soul. They realized that the verdict is wrong and unfair. They saw Memo crying for her daughter, so they decided to bring Ova into the prison. A prisoner who belonged to the mafia ordered his men to sneak Ova into the prison cell so Memo could meet his daughter before his death.

Ova met her father in the cell and it was the most emotional scene of the father-daughter reunion. Ova told the warden that she talked to an officer, and he is the only eyewitness. The warden searched the rock and the location and he found the gun of the officer. The warden found the officer and brought him to Seda’s father who shot that officer and claimed that he tried to escape. Now the last hope of Memo’s survival was dead. With no witnesses, Memo was bound to be executed. Whether he was executed or not, that is for the viewers to find out for themselves.

This movie depicts the emotional bond between a father and a daughter and also conveys the message that mentally unstable people have emotions and feelings too.

It was rated 8.2 on IMBD and 89% on Rotten Tomatoes. Pakizine rates it 8/10.