Music Video Review- Rafta Rafta by Atif Aslam

The mysterious and extremely gifted Atif Aslam has come one with another song ‘Rafta Rafta,’ probably as a gift on the auspicious occasion of Eid-ul-Azha.

Atif Aslam, the youthful, charming, and artistic king of music has a history of gifting the globe with a plethora of enthralling, pleasing-to-the-ear soundtracks. The singer always has something fresh and interesting planned. As a result, he never fails to captivate the audience. We still have not forgotten his loveable songs like, “Dheere Dheere”, “Dil Diyan Gallan”, “Pehli Dafa”, “Jeena Jeena” etc.


Sajal Aly and Atif Aslam star in the music video, which is clearly a sight to behold.

Tarish Music is the label behind this song’s release. This video was directed by Hassam Baloch and it was produced by Tarun Chaudry and Omer Ahmed.


If we talk about the genre of Atif Aslam’s “Rafta Rafta”, then it is somehow a good attempt of doing a romantic number.


Atif Aslam is dressed for Rafta Rafta in a flowy saturated maroon outfit, while Sajal Aly is dressed for Rafta Rafta in a flowy saturated maroon dress. The shoot takes place on a lovely abandoned beach, where the couple can be seen boating and strolling on the dunes. It was basically filmed in Skardu.


A flute plays in the background, bringing soul to the images, which begins with a long view that shows how gorgeous the setting is. From afar, Aslam and Aly may be seen conversing aboard a boat on quiet waters. Despite the fact that both Sajal Aly and Atif Aslam make brief cameos, the graphics aim to incorporate cutaways from the location, adding to the video’s appeal.

Sajal and Atif are dressed nicely wearing beautiful and attractive attires and looking into each other’s eyes. And the combination of Sajal’s charm and Atif’s roughness makes for a compelling watch. They also end up at a romantic meal, when Atif proposes to Sajal.


Some YouTubers and other famous celebs have shared their honest opinions about this music video on their Instagram stories, Youtube channels and posts.

The song has earned 5.7 million views so far on Youtube.

Since it was a heartfelt melody, a few groups applauded the whole point of view, setting, dress, and the chemistry between them. They like Sajal’s pixie marron outfit, and the manner in which the camera shot was caught at the main sight of the boat was entrancing since Sajal looked so beautiful in it.

However, some did not like this song very much. They said the video is somehow emotionally and romantically well connected but Atif has done many hit tracks before but this one could not match the level of his previous hits. For them, this song did not match the standards that Atif has set for himself.


As the song has been written by Raj Ranjodh, it gives a Bollywood vibe according to the reviewers. He has been written a lot of romantic ballads but the first impression of the video was a little bit off.


Rafta rafta sanam

Tumse mili nazar

Toh hua hai asar

Khwab sa yeh jahan

Farsh dhuan dhuan

Jannaton ka shehar

Hum tere ho gaye


Two great and talented superstars came together to work and we expected something much better. Nonetheless, it was not a flop music video entirely. Its positive points certainly outweigh the shortcomings. Hence, Pakizine rates it at 7.9 out of 10.