The funniest Pawri Ho Rahi hai Parodies

The girl who imitated the burger accent is an online celebrity nowadays thanks to the viral characteristics of the social media and the propagation of the video by the mainstream media. Although the original video by the influencer Dananeer was definitely viral material, the subsequent parodies associated with it are also hilarious. Let us look at some of the funniest Pawri Ho Rahi Hai parodies.

Let us have a look first at the original video which I am sure you have already seen

Now, here are the parodies.

This was a pretty decent attempt to give it a musical touch. Interestingly, it was done by Yashraj Mukhate, the same guy who made the Rasode men Kon Tha song.

Since 27th Feb is around the corner, so someone had to make this.


The cutest parody so far

And the Pakistani Cricket team surely deserved to pawri after winning the T20 series


Wow, that escalated quickly…

This can be played by any DJ in a party

For the just passed Valentine’s day