Best Ways to be in Touch with Nature

All living things appear to have a basic need for nature. There appears to be a lot of indication that nature can help us stay healthy. For most of us, though, being in nature may not be as effortless as it appears. One thing to keep in mind is that getting in touch with nature doesn’t have to be difficult. However, you may easily adjust to natural living styles.

Given below are some of the tips following which you can create a powerful bond with mother nature;


Gardening as a pastime is one of the best options to consider if you want to immerse yourself in nature, show it respect and be cherished by it. Here are a few suggestions for gardening as well as other related activities that you can practice;

  • Participate in plantation campaigns: Either you are a student or a professional, it is your moral duty to take steps towards the activities responsible for a healthy environment. So, try planning trees outside your work place.

Be proactive in taking part in campaigns like plant a tree mission and clean green environment etc. Also, at the individual level, you can request the management of your institute to drive such campaigns.

Make teams of your fellows and do set a target for the number of trees to be planted at a specific time period. Make people aware of the importance of plantation and you will observe that in no time, people will start taking interest in the activity.

  • Ensure gardening in your own lawn: It us usually seen that many people do not bother to have a lawn in their homes either due to short of space or lack of interest. Also, the ones having it hire gardeners to take care of it.

It is absolutely fine to take a gardener’s services but still taking care of your lawn on your own has its own benefits. For gardening on your lawn, select some plants that you think might give a vibrant look and grow them at your place. Leave the difficult tasks for the gardener but try your best in creating a lovely landscape inside your home.

  • Try growing plants as food: Planting food for own use can best help you in getting closer to the nature. You can grow vegetables of daily use such as potato, tomato, mint and cilantro etc. in your home.

Also, growing grapevines is the best idea. You can plant it in windows or terraces as it grows lengthwise giving a lovely outlook to your house front.

Moreover, you may keep small pantries inside your kitchen and windows. Following these ideas will help your home look so lively and you will feel serene being at your place.


You can best observe something by spending time with it. The same goes for nature. The more you will have exposure to it, the more you will feel it. There are a number of ways you can experience in order to spend time with nature.

  • Enjoy vacations by visiting Northern areas: To feel best of the nature, one must take time for it. So, to get in touch with nature and to be close with it, it is mandatory for you to take some time to appreciate it.

Whenever you get leisure time or vacations, plan to visit Northern areas. While spending time there, enjoy pleasant weather and explore nature reserves. Observe the snow falling on mountains, glaciers melting and many more aesthetic views. Also, you may enjoy hiking in a number of places.

A large number of lakes with most having crystal clear waters and some with turquoise water can be seen as a beautiful part of nature. Having a look at all of these magical scenes will make you fall in love with nature.

  • Visit the nearby park often: Staying indoors all the time is not a healthy practice at all. People usually spend their time indoors in air conditioned rooms and having different gadgets with them. But in order to get yourself involved with nature, you must get rid of this habit.

Take a step out of your comfort zone and walk to the nearby park. Sitting on the grass under the shades of trees, walking upon it barefooted and listening to the melodious chirping of birds will make you feel really good.

Enjoy the rain: Rain is an utmost blessing of nature. It does not deserve to be seen as a curse. Shutting out your doors and windows always when it’s raining outside is not a wise thing to do. To appreciate and admire nature and to get close to it, you must enjoy every aspect of it.

See the water drops falling on a rainy day or have a walk on a rainy night. Does not it sound poetic? Surely, it does! Thinking of it may seem a little strange to you if you have not practiced it yet. But doing so even once will make you feel the true colors of mother nature.


In the age of technology, when the only source of entertainment for kids is the screen and gadgets, raising up the nature lovers kids is a different kind of blessing both for you as well as for nature. Inculcating in kids the love for nature is really not that difficult.

Instead of making them rely on indoor computer games and other such stuff, prefer outdoor activities for them. Learn them to keep their surroundings clean and green. This kind of activity will benefit the health of your kid. Also, watching busy in such eco-friendly activities will automatically make you more close to nature.