Social Assistance Programs by PTI Government During the COVID-19

We are all aware of the fact that corona virus has wreaked havoc on the global economy. It has strained the health infrastructure of majority of the countries. Countries are doing whatever they can to mitigate the spread of the virus. The easiest way to avoid this infectious virus is social distancing and to ensure the isolation. All the countries  announced lock down or curfews. This was  essential  to avoid the rapid spread of the virus but at the same time, it led to unemployment as all the businesses and offices were shut down. Hence, the government of Pakistan decided to support the people especially the low-earning and the daily wage earners by initiating social assistance programs. Insaf Imdad Program and Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program are some of examples through which the government  is financially helping the most impacted segments of the society.

Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program

Through this program, it was decided that  12000 Rs. cash would be donated to each family under Rs 1.2 trillion economic relief package. The provision of emergency cash assistance was scheduled from 9th April 2020. It aims to help nearly 12 million families. Two private banks are collaborating in the even distribution of cash among deserving people. Moreover, NADRA is making sure that no family is getting the aid twice.

Federal government is carrying out the allocation of funds under the supervision of Special Assistant to PM on Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety Dr. Sania Nishtar. Initially govt. decided to give Rs. 3000 each month to the deserving families over a period of four months. However, the plan was later changed to give Rs 12000 in one go.

How to apply?

To check eligibility, send the CNIC to 8171. Moreover, a web-portal is also being designed for the ease of the applicant.

Few days ago, it was revealed by Dr Sania Nishtar that more than 62 million SMS had been received.

Insaf Imdad Program

Other than Ehsas Emergency Cash Program another social assistance program named Insaf Imdad Program was introduced in Punjab and KPK.  It is being executed under the supervision of Chief Minister Usman Buzdar in Punjab and Chief Minister Mr. Mahmood Khan in KPK. It aims to distribute 12000 among needy families.


To make the system transparent the Punjab Information and Technology Board introduced an app through which people can register themselves and apply for the aid. Needy families can get their details to the government using the app or via SMS.

How to Apply?

Applications were being accepted till 7th April through three channels web, SMS, and app.

Apply on the website:

Go to the link https://insafimdad.punjab.gov.pk/ and add the required details, Name, CNIC, and Mobile No.


Apply through mobile App

Download the App from the Google Play store. Open it and you will get a form. Just fill the requirement and tap on submit.


Apply with SMS:

Those who do not have internet access or smartphone can apply for this program via SMS. To send SMS to follow the mentioned pattern:


e.g; Imdad 3****6******0 Ashraf Iqbal

Who are not eligible?

Below is the list of people who are not eligible to get Ehsas Emergency Cash and Insaf Imdad Program.

  • Those who are enrolled in any other social welfare program
  • employees
  • retired personnel
  • Owners of car/ bike
  • Whose bills are more than 10,000 per month
  • Those who do not have valid CNIC
  • Those who have passport
  • Those who own any property
  • Current or former federal employees


Both of the programs are in progress and millions of rupees have already been distributed among the poorer segments of the society. These socially uplifting programs were absolutely necessary as it was obvious that the poor people would be the most impacted due to the lock-down.