Famous Juice/Milk-shake Corners in Karachi

Karachi is hot and big. To cool off the heat in this hot weather, a mug of fresh,cold juice or a flavored milk-shake would be sufficient. It would be an instant refresher. So, we will let you know of places you can visit to have a good mug of juice or a milk shake to shake off the heat. Since Karachi is big and we cannot mention each juice corner at every corner of the city, so we would limit ourselves by mentioning only about the most famous.

Agha Juice   
Agha Juice is located in Nazimabad, Bahadurabad and Khadda Market,Defence. It started of
in 1960 and since then, has been providing refreshing milk-shakes and juices. Seeing the 
success of Agha Juice, many outlets have sprung up with the same first name. 


Greeno Juice Bar   
Located in DHA Phase 8 and Dolmen Mall, it is also a well-known juice and milk-shake spot. 
Various flavors of juices and milk-shakes are available. You can also find ice creams and
yoghurt smoothies. It also has an active social media presence.

Hyder's is basically a restaurant situated in Sindhi Muslim Society. It provides different
types of foods along with milk shakes and juices. 

JuicyLicious, orginally at Port Grand, has now located to DHA Phase 7. It claims to provide
hygienic and fresh juices. 

Mr juice 
It provides juices, milk-shakes, slushes and faloodas. Mr Juice also deals in orders for
birthday parties, weddings and other grand events. Flavors vary. Visit or takeaway or 
order from home.

Refuel Juice Bar   
Visit this place to savor milk shakes and juices. It is available in all sizes, but a bit 
expensive than the usual average prices of the town. However, the price is worth it when
you are getting rejuvenating juices and milk shakes in hot weather. 

The Ultimate Detox
The juices offered at The Ultimate Detox are not ordinary juices. They have been made
keeping in view the health aspects of the customers, especially the digestive systems.
The juices and milk-shakes are refreshing, fresh and health-friendly. 

Ustad Jee  
A new entry in the shakes business, it provides various flavors of shakes, juices and 
ice creams. Rates are also pretty economical.

Vitamin G         
Viamin G is located in Clifton. It also offers fresh fruit juices of many flavors and 
types. It has in a short span of time, carved a niche in the shakes and juice market.


So, wherever you reside in Karachi, you must try at least once these milk shakes and 
juices and rejuvenate yourself in the sweltering heat of the city.