Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Tips to get over anxiety and stress.

Nowadays, everyone is suffering from anxiety and/or stress. Daily life problems become the major cause of anxiety and stress. In Pakistan still, many people do not realize that they are suffering from stress and that they need to see a psychologist or a therapist. Moreover, seeking mental help is still considered taboo here. Let us discuss some effective ways to cope with stress and anxiety.


Daily exercise is very important for a healthy mind. Exercise reduces our anxiety and it helps in relaxing our tense muscles. Exercise keeps us active all day. Do yoga, running, and walking daily to keep yourself fit.

Healthy Diet:

Sometimes delicious food changes our bad moods. So, eating healthy and nutritious food reduces anxiety. Daily use of fruits, fresh juices and milkshakes give energy to an individual. Excessive intake of soft drinks and junk food can stress our body so we should avoid them.

Proper Sleep:

One should sleep on time and rest properly. Research says that 8 hours of sleep is mandatory for a young individual. Our body and mind also need rest to recover from stressful events so one should try to have a full 6-8 hours sleep.

Manage Time:

If someone wants to reduce their anxiety and tensions, they should manage their time effectively. Take out some time for yourself and spend some time alone. Relax and do some fun activities in your leisure time. Make a schedule and to-do list in the morning and follow it. Do not overburden yourself.

Breathing therapy:

Breathing therapy is considered a most effective and instant therapy to cope from your stress. It improves blood flow and improves immunity. It also helps in reduction of inflammation and increases energy level. For this therapy you must follow following steps:

  • Sit in comfortable position.
  • Relax your muscles and body.
  • Do not think about anything, just focus.
  • First inhale some air from your nose.
  • Count till 3 and now exhale slowly from your mouth.
  • Do not hurry, take your time, count till 3 and repeat.

Do it for 5 minutes daily and slowly you can increase the time.

So, next time you are feeling stressful or anxious, follow the above-mentioned tips and you will feel a lot better.