PM’s Ehsaas Telethon raised 550 million

The Prime Minister Imran Khan participated in the ehsaas telethon which was aimed at collecting funds for the poor segment of the society deeply affected by the corona virus.

Participants of Ehsaas Telethon

The journalists Muhammad Malik from Hum News, Hamid Mir from GEO News, Nadeem Malick from SAMMA News, Kashif Abbasi of ARY News, and Mansoor Ali Khan From Express-News came together in Ehsaas Telethon that held in PM’s house in Islamabad, in which Imran Khan asked citizens to donate for those in need during the pandemic.

The Aim of Ehsaas Telethon

This Telethon aimed to accumulate funds for those who are suffering from corona-virus. And the government later announced that Rs.550 million were raised through this transmission.

Words of Prime Minister

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that “We are in a situation that the world has never seen before. No government across the world can fight alone against the pandemic, but all the nations need to participate in this fight”. In his speech, he implored people to be very caring and repeatedly asked them to take precautionary measures to avoid this virus. He further added to maintain social distancing and to stay at home for the sake of your families.

Speaking about ‘Smart Lock Down’ he said that no one knows how long this corona-virus will sustain, so our country needs to apply smart lock-down where we will try to behold the economy and social-distancing at the same time.

Pakistan’s government is actively performing its duty to win the battle against the virus. Ehsaas Cash Emergency program is on the top of the list and a much appreciated step of the government with which they financially supported the poor of our country.

Funds Collection

Several people helped in the accumulation of funds to upto 550 million rupees. Among them, Mr. Salamat Ali donated Rs. 20 million, The VC of Bahhaudin Zikriya University, Dr. Mansoor Akbar Kundi donated 5.5 Billion, the CEO of Gas and Oil Pakistan Limited gave Rs. 12 million while Mr. Khalid Riaz donated Rs. 12 million, etc.

Participation of Maulana Tariq Jameel

Molana Tariq Jamel also participated. In the end, Molana praised God and asked His help to save everyone from corona. Below is the video clip of the dua.