Top Tourist Attractions in Kashmir

Pakistan possesses a variety of beautiful spots that travelers from all over the world like visiting. Azad Kashmir is without a doubt one of them. It is also known as ‘Heaven on Earth,’ which you will discover to be totally true after taking a tour of the area. Here is a list of beautiful sites in Kashmir that we have gathered for you. Take a glance at them and you’ll be eager to go.

  1. Banjosa Lake:

It is a marvelous lake with a large number of tall pine trees surrounding the lake. The green color of pine trees with a little shade of red adds up to the beauty of this place. Winters are extremely cool with heavy snowfall but summers have a temperature of a maximum of 25°C. Due to this, summer is considered to be the ideal temperature to visit there. Also, you can enjoy boating in this beautiful lake.

  1. Ratti Gali:

Situated in the valley of Neelum, Ratti Gali is an alpine lake that gets water from the glaciers present in its surrounding. With the heavenly view, the weather of this place is greatly unpredictable.

The hiking trek is too difficult due to which it is not appropriate to take kids with you while visiting here. But above all, it is a great site to visit.

  1. Neelam Valley:

The valley of Neelam is one of the most famous places to visit in Azad Kashmir. It is about 20 km away from Muzaffarabad. It is known for the presence of thick woody forests. Both the Neelam and Kaghan valleys run parallel to each other. The valley is blessed with mines of minerals. Line Of Control is also present there. Mountains covered with snow, beautiful lakes and the aesthetic green forests, all give the place a magical view.

  1. Pir Chinasi:

Pir Chinasi is located at a drive of almost one hour from Muzaffarabad. The weather of this place is cold and even in summer evenings, you will feel chilled as the wind blows. The way to Pir  Chinasi is very dangerous but at the same time worth seeing too. It is the highest place of Muzaffarabad and one reason for people visiting here is that they can have a view of the whole Muzaffarabad from the hills. 

  1. Dream Valley Resort: 

Dream Valley Resort is located in a beautiful valley in Rawalakot, Azad Kashmir. Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, is around 128 kilometers away from the Dream Valley Resort. It has many delights, such as a play area, restaurant, cottages, visitor accommodations and a water park, as well as many unique and scenic elements. This is when the real fun for the whole family begins.

  1. Arang Kel: 

Arang Kel, located in the lovely valley of Neelum, is a popular tourist destination. The settlement is accessible through an almost 2-kilometer journey from Kel.

 It is situated on top of a hill, at a height of roughly 2554 meters above Kel. It’s tough to walk while it’s raining because the walkways get slippery. The village is densely forested and filled with little houses, and visiting it is nothing less of a dream come true.

  1. Nergola Waterfall: 

The majestic views of the waterfalls are undoubtedly more captivating and fascinating than any other sight in Kashmir’s valley. Nergola Waterfall, located 120 kilometers from Rawalpindi in Rawalakot, is one of them. The road ahead is a little bumpy. You’ll need to descend down the slope for around 15 minutes to reach the waterfall. It should go without saying that the place is well worth a visit with family and friends. You can also explore other Rawalakot sights such as Banjosa and Toli Peer while visiting this fall.

  1. Toli Peer: 

Tolli peer is the place that appears to offer everything a local might want in regards to nature. If you travel to Rawalkot, you will come across this well-known peak, or if you are unfamiliar with it, you will discover about it throughout your stay. This hill, which is 8800 feet above sea level, gives the impression of being on top of the world.

In the closing months of Spring, go to Toli Pir because the weather is pleasant. Because of its cruising altitude, the remainder of the year is merely chilling.

  1. Mangla dam:

Mangla Dam is a huge water reserve that may be accessed from a number of views. It is best to access it from Mirpur city and Mangla Cantt in terms of tourism. Mangla Dam is roughly 37 km from Dina and a 2.5-hour journey from Islamabad. The dam is located near Mirpur, and the view of the dam is particularly pretty during the summer season when the dam is full due to snow melting.

Mirpur has a variety of nice hotels. It is a lovely cantonment with abundant greenery and thirteen parks. Mangla Water Sports Center is also one among the other most nice facilities. Mangla Dam is one of the world’s largest dams. 

  1.  Leepa Valley: 

The Leepa Valley is around 3,000 meters above sea level. Over the year, snow falls regularly. Throughout the valley, crops of rice and apple dominate. While strolling in the region from east to west, you can see the Line of Control that confines it from Kashmir. In the summer, visitors can enjoy the beautiful green river plains and traditional wooden Kashmiri cottages.

There are three alternative ways that go to Leepa from Reshian, the valley’s entrance point Hanjna, through Barthwar Gali and Bali Camp, is where the zigzagging Defence Road joins the valley.