Attractions in Faisalabad

A little about the Manchester of Pakistan

We are all well aware of the tourist attractions present in the metropolitan cities. However, hardly anyone is aware of tourist attractions in smaller cities. They are also rich in culture, tradition and heritage. Today we explore Faisalabad and the attractions associated with it.

Faisalabad is Pakistan’s third most populous city. The old name of Faisalabad was Lyallpur until 1977. After that, its name was changed to Faisalabad in honor of Shah Faisal-bin-Abdul Aziz, the king of Saudi Arabia. It is also the second biggest city in Punjab. The town was established in the honor of Sir Charles James Lyall, the British Lieutenant-Governor of Punjab in 1880. Faisalabad is a huge manufacturing center today, and its rail, road, and air systems make it easy to get around. Faisalabad is also called the “Manchester of Pakistan” for its thriving textile business, which is very similar to that of Manchester. One more title given to Faisalabad is “Textile City”. The simplest gateway to reach the city, both national and foreign, is to take a direct flight to Faisalabad International Airport.

After entering the city, below are among the most popular places of Faisalabad worth exploring:

  • The clock tower( Ghanta Ghar)
  • Jinnah garden
  • Gateway Park
  • Lyallpur museum
  • Qaisery gate
  • D ground
  • University of Agriculture
  • Gumti water fountain 

The Clock Tower (Ghanta Ghar)

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British Lieutenant Governor of Punjab, Sir Charles Rivaz laid down the foundation of the tower of Faisalabad in 1903. The Clock Tower (Ghanta Ghar) is the foundation stone of Faisalabad. Clock Towers are also installed in other cities of Pakistan like Multan, Sialkot, and Samundri. But Faisalabad clock tower is famous among all. The Clock Tower was placed in the center of the state’s eight bazaars, devoted to Queen Victoria, who had died 80 years ago. The well, which formerly occurred at the exact place of the Clock Tower, was loaded with earth carried from the Chak Ram Diwali farms on the Sargodha Road. The stone used in its building was carried from the Sangla Hills, approximately 50 kilometers from here.

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The Clock Tower was built for Rs40, 000 in two years, during which a ceremony was held to celebrate its construction. Mr. Louis, the Punjab Financial Commissioner, was the special guest. While the Clock Tower is in good condition and does not need maintenance from outside, particularly at the age of 100, due to the fine quality of materials used in its development, its interior requires urgent attention from the concerned authority. The clock tower is surrounded by 8 local markets, each named after the region or city to which it is pointed. These markets are the following:

  1. Katchery Bazar
  2. Chiniot Bazar
  3. Amin pur Bazar
  4. Jhang Bazar
  5. Karkhana Bazar
  6. Montgomery Bazar
  7. Rail Bazar
  8. Bhowana Bazar

Jinnah Garden

Jinnah Garden is name after Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Jinnah Park is reportedly Sir Charles James Lyell’s ultimate resting spot. Sir Charles James Lyell’s was the first Baronet. He established the lower Chenab Valley in Faisalabad. He was born in Kinnordy, Angus in 1797. James Lyell is famous as the author of “Principles of Geology”. He is considered the leading geologist of his time. Jinnah Garden is one of the city’s core parks and is also famous to locals as “Company Bagh.”

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Gatwala Park

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Gatwala Wildlife Park is a nature reserve, botanical garden and breeding hub situated in Gatwala, Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan. It is located in the vicinity of Khurrianwala and 140 kilometers (87 mi) from the Lahore Zoo.

It is the biggest park in Faisalabad. Gatwala Forest Park is a large complex of more than 100 meters of forest reserves, parks, lakes, and administrative buildings belonging to the Ministry of Forestry, Government of Pakistan. It is Located on Shiekhupura Road/Lahore Road.

The key attractions of Gatwala Park are the big green parks that house a few children’s swings, flowing canals throughout the park, bamboo growing areas, large woodland areas and two lakes. Boating is done in one lake, while the other lake is home to many crocodiles. Proper cording of the lake with crocodiles has provided a protected place for people to see crocodiles from a distance.

Lyallpur Museum

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Faisalabad has a rich heritage connected to the name of Lyallpur, and there is no better way to experience it than a visit to the Lyallpur Museum. It retains the history and culture of the city within its walls as a national museum. While construction started in 2010, it was finished by 2013. Various exhibits are seen in 10 separate museum galleries. The following galleries are:

  • Sandal Bar Gallery
  • Chenab Colony Gallery
  • Orientation Gallery
  • Pakistan Movement Gallery
  • Lyallpur Gallery
  • Textile Gallery
  • Regional Heritage Archaeological Gallery 
  • Thought and Act Gallery
  • Social Beauty Gallery

Qaisery Gate

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The Qaisery Gate is situated on the outer side of the Rail Bazaar. A straight path through the bazaar will take you to the Clock Tower and the 7 adjacent markets. It was developed in the late 1800s during British colonialism and is well maintained to that day.

D Ground

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D ground is the second most famous and commercial area of Faisalabad. It is called D ground because its shape is like Alphabet D. This area is famous because of shopping malls and commercial buildings. The radio station of Faisalabad is also in the D ground area. Many famous brands and outlets are also there like Gloria Jeans Coffee, Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonald’s, Lal Qila, Royalton Hotel and Hotel One. The Faisalabad’s best and popular Cinema known as “Cinepax” is also in Hotel one D ground.

University of Agriculture

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The University of Agriculture is the oldest public research university in Faisalabad. UAF is ranked 4th in Pakistan and 1st in the field of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences. According to the World Report Global University Ranking 2020, the UAF is ranked 1072 in the world. In Asia, the University of Agriculture was declared 284th best university in overall categories. 

Gumti Water Fountain

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Established in front of the Qaisery Entrance, the Gumti Fountain is another construction that has withstood the time test from the early 1800s to the present. Although it has now become a crowded junction for traffic, it was once a dedicated place for community meetings. The fountain is also in working condition.